Business Interruption Calculations

Business interruption insurance often provides much more than just disruption caused by damage to property owned by you. It can provide cover for disruption due to:

  • damage to property used by you at your premises caused by an insured peril e.g. the landlord’s building, a sub-station on your premises owned by an electricity company.
  • damage to a customer’s premises caused by an insured peril;
  • damage to a supplier’s premises caused by an insured peril;
  • prevention or hindrance of access to your premises caused by an insured peril,
  • disruption caused by a failure of supply from a public authority caused by an insured peril,
  • a murder or suicide at your premises

Other covers for additional increase in cost of operating and claims preparation professional fees to engage an expert on your side to help manage the loss and prepare your insurance claim should be considered.

The process can be difficult and inaccuracies can cost a business significantly, either by way of the claim being settled for less than was the Insured’s just entitlement, or in delays in settlement with all the distractions which they bring to the business. Under-insurance, inadequate cover and the Indemnity Period being too short, are major problems in far too many claims we see from other brokers. As such, at RiskCorp we engage expert advice in the form of a Business Interruption loss manager to proactively assist you at arriving at the correct cover and sum insured of the policy, prior to any potential insured loss.

General Claims

RiskCorp is passionate about ensuring the best claims settlement outcomes for our clients and see the claim as evidence of our technical expertise and tailored insurance solutions.

Workplace Health & Safety

We can arrange independent Occupational Health and Safety audits that involve an inspection of the premises to assess various aspects of safety.

Proactive People Risk Management

People risk is one of our main client advice targets. We engage our consultants to assist our clients by providing tailored, end to end solutions across all workplace health, wellbeing, employment and total risk support services.

Workers Compensation Claims

This is one of our main points of difference at RiskCorp. Our in-house claims management service takes away the stress of our clients managing this complex area of their business by providing specialist support in all aspects of claims and injury management.

Contractual Liabilities

RiskCorp retains one of WA’s leading legal firms to review the insurance and indemnity provisions of our client’s contractual arrangements.

Insurance Valuation Services

Under-insurance is a significant and frequent problem in Australia, therefore we have established a service to our clients to arrange professional valuations of buildings, contents, plant and machinery and other improvements.

Business Interruption Calculations

Business interruption insurance often provides much more than just disruption caused by damage to property owned by you, we help identify and ensure you are completely covered.

IT/Cyber Infrastructure Reviews

At RiskCorp, we can provide an IT review to identify the cyber risks of your current IT infrastructure, compliance and risk mitigation practices that cyber risks can pose to your business.

Onsite HR/IR Compliance Reviews

With over 25 years’ experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resource management across multiple industries, our consultant will visit your workplace to undertake a comprehensive review of your workplace practices.

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